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Describe the six functions of the liver

 Shunil    January 10, 2021

Liver is one of the important organ of digestive system. It is also the largest visceral organ and gland of human body. It is 4 lobed in huma...

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Branches of Zoology | List of Zoology Division

 Shunil    October 19, 2020

Zoology is one of the major part of biology. Biology is made with botany and zoology. Zoology has wide range of fields. These division of fie...

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Red Blood Cells(RBCs) - Erythrocytes

 Shunil    September 8, 2020

Red blood cells are fluid connective tissue. Fluid connective tissue are also called as haemopoiet...

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Uses of Cord Blood

 Shunil    August 31, 2020

Cord blood is the blood which is collected from baby's umbilical cord after birth. During gestation peri...

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